Strathclyde Plastics Products

Here is a sample of some of the capabilities we have :

Ductwork & Pipework Systems :

We provide the fabrication and installation of pipework systems including duel containment to the manufacturing specs using the following material ;

PVC-U                                     PVC-C                                      ABS                                    Polypropylene                  
PFA                                          Airline                                       Polyethelene

Tanks and Liners :

We provide inhouse fabrication as well as on site if required, of all size of tanks and vessels using the following material ;

PVC                                         PVDF                                      GRP                                     Polypropylene                  

Machine Guards :

Guards can be made from engineering drawings or measured on site then fabricated in our workshop.

Multi Blade Volume Control Dampers ( MBVCD ) :

These are used in large extract systems to aid control of the flow rate and we can fabricate these in the comman request materials of PVC and Polypropylene.

Silencers :

These are used to reduce noise from extract fans and we can fabricate to your requirments, using the appropriate soundproofing material and PVC or Polypropylene.


We can also offer the ability to use GRP on any installation as required such as Tanks and pipework. Alongside this we also offer Repair work on any existing GRP installations when needed.

GRP Walkways :

We provide the full installation of walkways, stairways, handrails and grating using 316L ss Cleats.

Pipe and Fittings :

If required we can offer a range of pipework and fittings in there various forms at very competative prices. We can also supply various types of plastic sheets to meet your requirment.

Machinery :

All Strathclyde Plastic Fabricator employees have been extensively trained in the use of the relevant machinery used for all the above Products. eg ;

Hot air welder                                                      Socket Fusion Machine
Butt Fusion Machine                                           Infra Red Fusion Machine
Electro-fusion Machine                                      Balloon + crevice free fusion


The list above is not exhaustive and if you have any queries please use the Contact Us button at the top.